This app makes saving screenshots of your Switch less of a headache

SwitchBuddy is an app that makes it much easier to transfer screenshots and videos from your Nintendo Switch to mobile devices.

Created by the Czech developer Filip Němeček and available to both Apple and Android Devices, the mobile app helps to speed up the export of images from the console by Switch players. According to a press release, Němeček said he decided to develop the app after being “frustrated with the clumsy process” involved in transferring pictures from Switch to the phone.

Image Credit: SwitchBuddy

Image Credit: SwitchBuddy

The Nintendo handheld has its own process for saving your latest screenshots to other devices. You can either transfer your console’s micro SD card to your PC and select images there, or scan a QR code on your switch before saving the images you want individually. It’s safe to say that these could be tightened.

While SwitchBuddy isn’t an absolute game changer, it helps make the whole process less of a headache. After downloading the app, players will still have to scan a QR code to access their screenshots, but then you’ll be presented with all of the screenshots and videos on your Switch, prompting users to select whatever they want to transfer.

The iOS version not only offers the ability to save pictures directly on your devices, it also offers additional features that allow you to transfer screenshots directly to an iCloud account instead.

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