Things are heated between Vice President Kamala Harris and Charlamagne Tha God during the recent interview

Roommate, it got a little tricky between Vice President Kamala Harris and Charlamagne Tha God when he asked her if President Joe Biden was actually running things in the White House! During an appearance on a recent episode of Charlamagne’s late night talk show, Kamala made it very clear to Harris that she disliked his questions about President Biden.

When Charlamagne asked Vice President Kamala Harris whether President Joe Biden was the President of the United States or Senator Joe Manchin, firmly answeredsaid “No, no, no, no. It’s Joe Biden. It’s Joe Biden. And don’t talk like a Republican about whether he’s president or not, it’s Joe Biden and I’m vice president. My name is Kamala Harris. “

Kamala Harris wasn’t done yet and has continued all of the work she and Biden have done and are currently doing behind the scenes:

“And the reality is, because we’re in office, we’re doing things like the child tax break, which will reduce black child poverty by 50 percent … we’re doing things that say our Department of Justice is going to do this investigation,” and demand that we end bottlenecks and have body cameras. It is the work of saying that we are going to get lead out of pipes and paint because our babies are suffering. The task is to say that people who use public transport deserve the same dignity as everyone else.

So let’s improve this system. The task is to say that we need to cut the cost of prescription drugs because people with diabetes shouldn’t die because they don’t have enough money in their pockets. The point is to say that black maternal mortality is a real problem that needs to be addressed as a serious problem by everyone, including the White House. Okay I hear the frustration but let’s not deny the impact we’ve had and also agree that there is much more to be done and it is not easy. But we will not give up and I will not give up. “

As we reported in other news from Kamala Harris, she was recently named one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes magazine.

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