These movies are not available on YouTube or Netflix: Over 53,000 VHS tapes can be downloaded for free

If you follow our download button, you will end up directly on the appropriate website from “”. In the search field you can search for different terms – for example title or TV channel. If you enter “Spongebob” here, you will get 154 results.

For example, if you want to watch the original pilot episode from 1997, just select the desired recording with a mouse click. In the next window, you will now see a video player. Now click the “Play” icon, start playing the clip. Below the player you will find a description and additional information.

If you want to download recordings, you will find an information box with the title “Download options” and links with a blue background on the respective page of the recording. Here click “MPEG4” to directly access the video file in MP4 format and save it with a right click.

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