There’s a strange cube on the moon

According to logs, China’s Yutu-2 rover recently sent home a photo of a mysterious cubic object on the lunar horizon published by Our space.

From . referred to as “moon cube” enthusiastic viewers on the Internet, the object sparked speculation about alien houses and a Moon McDonald’s. In reality, it’s almost definitely a boulder (or maybe several boulders). Even so, the rover’s drivers were so intrigued by it that they drove the rover over to investigate.


The “moon cube” on the other side of the moon. (Photo credit: CNSA / Our Room)

Unfortunately for Moon Cube enthusiasts, it will take a while for the Yutu-2 to reach the object. While it can reach a top speed of 200 meters per hour, it has only traveled about 900 meters since landing in January 2019. The rover naps and rests quite frequently during the long, cold moonlit nights and during the lunar noon when temperatures rise. It also often stops to collect data with its various instruments, including a near-infrared spectrometer and ground penetrating radar.

A lot careful planning moves only a few meters in Yutu-2. Drivers on Earth study various images of the lunar surface, create 3D models, and carefully map the rover’s path to avoid dangerous craters and slopes. It takes about 2 to 3 lunar days, about 2 to 3 earth months to reach the cube.

Sights and sounds of Mars from NASA’s Perseverance Rover

Yutu-2 is the first rover to explore the other side of the moon. China has one too Rover on Mars who landed in May 2021 NASA Perseverance rover. Persistence landed in February 2021 and brought the Ingenuity copter to completion the first motorized, controlled flight on the Mars.

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