The version of Windows 10 used millions of times expires: Update urgently!

How do you know how long support for your own version of Windows 10 will last? Fingers crossed you can remember that any version of Windows 10 Home or Pro for approximately 18 months of security updates gets, then you need to update.

Please note that this information applies to private users; longer support durations of 30 months apply to professional users (Win 10 Enterprise, Education), at least for H2 versions. In these cases, the corresponding versions of Windows 10 can be used for one more year.

As a result, businesses get longer support for Windows 10 20H2 than for the newer Windows 10 21H1. For private users, however, these subtleties are irrelevant.

It’s really hard to overlook an outdated Windows 10 anyway. If you stay on an older version of Windows for too long, Microsoft will sometimes show notices that support is about to expire and you need to upgrade. You shouldn’t ignore this for too long, because Windows without security updates is a risk.

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