The reform of the rent index gives hope: this is how you find out if you are paying too much for the apartment

Although there are big differences in rents in Germany, this item is often the most important expense a household has to bear. It is worth looking twice, for example for rent increases. The amount of a local rent can be seen from what is called the rent index.

According to the new law on the reform of the rent index, in force since July 1, 2022 applies, small towns and municipalities must now also create a rent index. a way more than 50,000 inhabitants a rent index must be submitted.
It indicates the average rents of a municipality, depending on the size, location, equipment and age of the apartment. It is therefore an important tool for determining the local comparative rent. This is important if the landlord comes around the corner with a rent increase or if you want to sign a new rental agreement and the rental price brake applies.

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