The post office closes the historic service! This will change from 2023

If you want to send the last telegram, you have to hurry and dig deep into your pocket.

For 160 characters per telegram, interested parties have to pay the modest sum of 12.57 euros in the Deutsche Post online shop. If you want a yellow decorative foil, you pay 16.67 euros.

The 480-character maxi-telegram costs 17.89 euros – or 21.98 euros with a decorative page.

Customers should be able to submit the last Telegram by December 31. Delivery will then take place on Monday at the latest, because Sunday delivery of Deutsche Post telegrams has not been possible for a few years.

There is no replacement service for Telegram.

Swiss Post customers can continue to send letters and parcels worldwide using express procedures. In addition, messaging services such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, which work on all smartphones, make the postal telegram obsolete.

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