The Pope has just seen a circus with Undertale music

In one of the perhaps more absurd stories of early 2022, the Pope just saw a circus performance set to music by Undertale.

As spotted by fans on Twitter (and reported by The player) the Pope seems to have started the New Year right as he watched a group of circus performers perform a performance of Undertale’s “Megalovania”.

As a context, Pope Francis holds a general audience every week. Often visited by groups of pilgrims, the Pope uses the event to bestow his blessings on those present in different languages, before he sometimes also hosts artists to entertain his guests. While these performances vary and come in different variations, the most recent featured a slightly amusing performance by a group of circus performers performing a routine on the background of Sans’ theme from Undertale.

As you can see in the tweet above, the whole thing is a bit irritating. Between performers juggling objects in a multitude of ways, a brief outing with a red-clad unicyclist, and a group member sitting upside down in a chair with a large baton twirling between their feet, there’s not much to do to keep the audience’s attention .

Between the large gathering of circus performers who stood embarrassed in the background, a rather lifeless-looking audience and the stern-looking Swiss Guard of the Pope, which was positioned nearby, the whole thing is strung together in a rather unusual way.

While it’s pretty unlikely that he ever got around to ending Undertale, the idea of ​​the Pope ramping up the game isn’t technically as absurd as it sounds. In 2016, YouTuber MatPat met His Holiness and gifted him a copy of the game during their interaction. So, while it’s still quite likely not, who knows, maybe the background music was chosen by Pope Francis himself.

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