The Office: Never Before Seen Cold Open Revealed

Peacock TV kicked off the New Year with its latest season of The Office: Superfan Episodes, and as part of the celebrations, the platform shared a brand new, unprecedented Cold Open from the show.

Season 4 of The Office: Superfan Episodes is now available on Peacock. To get the news out, the streaming platform went to Twitter with a previously unknown cold for the show from the “Job Fair” episode, in which Dunder-Mifflin regional manager Michael Scott struggles with unexpected toilet problems.

As seen in the clip above, the previously unseen sequence shows that Scott managed to drop not only his phone in the toilet, but his bluetooth earpiece, wallet, tip calculator, and a host of other items as well. While the other Dunder-Mifflin employees are excited about their unhappy boss, Scott decides to take matters into his own hands by developing the world’s first (don’t quote me) mesh toilet grille.

The device, in the form of a tennis racket with a dish brush attached, looks about as suspicious as it sounds. Unfortunately … or luckily … the show’s fan base will never know whether or not the mesh toilet protection worked as intended, as the open ends end one way or another before the reveal.

According to Peacock, the latest season of The Office: Superfan Episodes features a number of other deleted scenes, goofs, featurettes, and interviews. In addition to the cold open of “Job Fair”, the season also contains new moments from other episodes of the 4th season such as “Dinner Party”, “Fun Run Part 1 & 2” and “Goodbye, Toby Part 1 & 2”.

In other news from the show, Jim Halpert actor John Krasinski recently revealed that he once refused to film a scene from The Office. During an entry for a new book about the show called Welcome to Dunder Mifflin: The Ultimate Oral Story of the Officethe actor said he turned down the scene as it shows his character Jim cheating on his wife Pam (Jenna Fisher) during the show’s eighth season.

“This is the only time I remember setting my foot on the ground …” Krasinski said in the book, before explaining that he brought the problem to executive producer and director Greg Daniels.

Seasons 1-4 of The Office: Superfan Episodes can now be streamed from Peacock. In the meantime, to learn more from the show, check out this article which details how James Gandolfini got paid $ 3 million to avoid becoming the new boss on the show.

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