The New World Community urges developers to play their own endgame – and the developers accepted

A couple of New World players, unhappy with the MMO’s endgame, urged the developers at Amazon Game Studios to stream themselves to do a Myrkguard chest and portal run to show they were actually playing the game play – and they accepted.

As reported by GameSpot, New World players started with it petition after recent changes made high level elite zones a lot harder than before. They wanted Amazon Games Studios to run this run to show a workable way to complete this difficult endeavor.

To the surprise of the community, Amazon accepted their challenge and posted a 55 minute New World – Myrkgard Dev Run 10 developers – including Game Director Scot Lane – work their way through the requested run.

Initially, the developers admitted they weren’t as powerful as some of New World’s most dedicated players, but they were ready to take the dangers nonetheless. A bit of hilarious mayhem ensued when these developers tried to get through, and they even shared some tips like “keep your tank upright or bad things will happen” and “sometimes surrender is the best option”.

And they surrendered. After a respectable fight and some playful blows to some of the teammates who had drawn too many enemies, they gave up.

This move has been well received by the New World community and shows that the Amazon Game Studios team listens to their players and is ready to do whatever it takes to make New World the best they can. That gesture was made even more positive when it was released an hour and a half developer update video which dealt with other currently open issues.

For more information, check out our last New World review, Amazon Game Studios talked to IGN about the chaotic early months of MMOs and how the game dealt with certain governors embezzling gold that was unstoppable.

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