The new update from GTA Online confirms which original GTA 5 end Canon is

This story contains minor spoilers for the GTA Online The Contract storyline.

A new update to GTA Online has apparently confirmed which of the three original endings of Grand Theft Auto 5 is canonical.

As reported by Kotaku, GTA Online’s latest update, The Contract, includes a dialogue that appears to confirm what happens to Michael after the end of the GTA 5 phone and a number of unpublished material that is on the device.

As part of the search for the missing phone, Franklin ends up in a golf cart chase through a movie set. To catch up with a man who pissed off the rapper, Franklin’s unpredictable drive forces the character to exclaim, “Man, shit, I know one of the producers here. Hope his ass isn’t at work today. ”While he doesn’t mention the producer by name, it seems almost certain that Franklin is referring to Michael, who starts in one of the endings of GTA 5, as a producer on the same movie set to work.

For those who couldn’t quite complete GTA 5’s campaign, the game has three different endings. While in endings A and B either Trevor or Michael die at the hands of Franklin, option C ties the loose ends of the narrative together so that all three of the game’s protagonists can survive.

Rockstar had previously suggested that Option C is the intended ending of the game, via a line of dialogue from Tao Cheng in GTA Online’s Diamond and Casino Update 2019, alluding to events that only occur in the third ending of the game. This latest update seems to add to that.

GTA Online – Screenshots of Franklin & Dr. Dre story expansion

While this new line of dialogue seems to rule out an ending Michael dies on for good, an earlier update also suggested that Trevor survived the events of GTA 5 as well. During the Smugglers run update, Ron Jakowski notes that Trevor “left all Vinewood” before indirectly calling him his “old boss”.

With the latest update adding another conclusion to the events of GTA 5, fans will likely be wondering what’s next for the franchise. While a potential sixth installment in the series is still unconfirmed, reports earlier this year seemed to suggest that the game could come out in 2024. In further rumors about the possible existence of GTA 6, a number of fans made the company media after rumors that Rockstar hid a screenshot for the game in its GTA: The Trilogy release earlier this year.

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