The new property tax is said to be unconstitutional: does everyone have to oppose now?

A fundamental problem with property tax is that it is complicated and many taxpayers have tackled it themselves under time pressure. Important to know: Actual property assessments showing how much you have to pay are not yet sent. They arrive 2024.

In response to a filed property tax return, tax offices currently send two notices: Property Assessment Notice and Property Assessment Notice. The assessment of value is a so-called base assessment. Your contact details will be added here. The measurement notice, on the other hand, is a follow-up notice because it only uses the result of the property tax assessment for subsequent calculations.

The fact is that the notices mentioned practically form a chain and the determination notices are binding for the follow-up notices. You cannot take further action against the property tax assessment if you have found an error in the property tax assessment.

The legislator only provides for a very short period of time to oppose property taxation since one month after the front access.

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