The Matrix Resurrections has a “new look” and more humor than the originals

The Matrix Resurrections apparently won’t be quite as dark as the original films, and the cast promise a new, happier tone – and even a little more humor.

During an interview with Weekly entertainmentThis is what 29-year-old Jessica Henwick (who plays the new character Bugs) says The Matrix Resurrections has “a new tone” and “a new look” compared to The matrix – a lively look that makes the film “joyful”.

Keanu Reeves added that he was “impressed with how much humor there is”. This is an entirely different approach to the previous films – known for their somber cyberpunk stylings. “It throws the Matrix glove back down,” he explained. “It’s super smart, clever, entertaining, suspenseful, and funny.” Still, Reeves made it clear that Neo isn’t suddenly going to joke.

The Matrix Resurrections teaser images

The Matrix Resurrections recently caught everyone’s attention with theirs impressive first trailer – but we haven’t seen much of this new, more lighthearted matrix. Instead, viewers received some fan-friendly recalls and a glimpse of the new Morpheus – now played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

“Ironically, of all the science fiction things I’ve done, Matrix is ​​the one that is most grounded in reality,” said Abdul-Mateen II. “Our story has all of the high concepts surrounding the Matrix , but really so much heart and humanity drive this story. “

At the center of this heart and humanity are Neo and Trinity. “Not that he needed it,” says Reeves, “but the reason this movie was made is because it’s a love story between Trinity and Neo.”

Carrie-Anne Moss added that her return as Trinity was a rare “opportunity to embody the love of director Lana Wachowski”. “I’ve never felt this way before where I could see that I’m an extension of her heart in this role,” she said.

Though a official summary gave us a little taste of what to expect, we haven’t really seen this new version of The Matrix yet. But the cast seem excited that it’s headed in a new direction.

Jonathan Groff, who fans believe will play one of the iconic agents, said: “When I read the script for this film, I cried because the idea of ​​seeing these two iconic actors in these two iconic parts come back and fight for their love. “Just ruined me again.”

Matrix Resurrections hits theaters and HBO Max on December 22, 2021.

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