The Louisiana Supreme Court is temporarily suspending Judge Michelle Odinet over viral racist comments

Justice could be in favor of those who seek it when it comes to Judge Michelle Odinet. The Lafayette City judge faces local and national calls to resign after a now viral video captured her with racist slurs. On Friday, the Louisiana Supreme Court stepped in and temporarily disqualified Michelle from “serving in the judiciary.” per local point of sale KLFY. The judges signed the order Thursday and deemed it effective immediately.

The Louisiana Supreme Court also ordered that her vacation be unpaid. However, Michelle herself requested an unpaid leave of absence. The court order thus supports a decision that she has already initiated. Now people are counting on the place to come through and permanently remove Michelle from the bank.

A viral shock

As previously reported, Michelle and her people made some not-so-kind comments about a black man who allegedly had broken into their cars. The video does not show the people in the room. As they looked at the security footage, a male voice told the story of the break-in. He says, “And mom screams n *** er, n *** er.” Then, after some giggles, Michelle interjects and says, “We have a n *** r, it’s a n *** r like a cockroach.”

It is unclear who shot or published the footage, but it quickly caught the attention of online users after it was circulated in the local media.

Michelle explains herself

Michelle’s lawyer supposedly confirmed to The Acadiana attorney that she used the N word in the video. She also tried to take back her words, accusing them of burglary and drug use.

“My children and I were the victims of an armed burglary at our home. The police were called and the attacker was arrested, “Michelle said in a statement to CNN. “The incident shook me to the core and my state of mind was fragile. I was a wreck and I still can’t sleep. At the time of the video, I was given a sedative. I have no memory of the video and the disturbing language that was used. “

She went on to say that the video contradicts the life she and her family lead.

“Everyone who knows me and my husband knows that this goes against the way we live,” added Michelle. “I am deeply sorry and ask for your forgiveness and understanding as my family and I are dealing with the emotional consequences of this armed burglary.”

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