The long-awaited feature is finally here: Microsoft Patch Day brings tabs to Windows Explorer

But no matter what version of Windows 10 or 11 you’re using, you need to import updates quickly because some critical security holes are already being used for attacks.

Two of them affect Exchange Server and thus affect the problems of administrators. Another critical bug exploits an error in Windows scripting. Thus it is possible to execute any code on computers through specially prepared websites. Microsoft does not specify how often this type of attack is already used.

But there are other security flaws that affect all Windows users and are already in use: Windows should treat downloaded files with special security, but a bug classified as important allows manipulation of the labeling of downloads.

A vulnerability in the print service and a cryptographic key management issue are also exploited. Both are used to gain extended privileges on attacked systems. This blog post provides a list of all fixed security vulnerabilities.

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