The Hawkeye Finale’s greatest moment is a direct comic book reference

The biggest cliffhanger in Hawkeye’s finale appears to be a direct reference to a Marvel comic book story – and could hint at the future of some of his characters in the MCU.

Warning: This story contains complete spoilers for Hawkeye Episode 6 and speculation about the upcoming Echo series. Proceed at your own risk!

Hawkeye’s finale might suggest to some that the reintroduction of Vincent D’Onofrio’s kingpin is literally a short-lived affair, with Maya Lopez of Alaqua Cox firing a shot at the gang boss up close. Of course, many have suggested that events are not what they seem and that Wilson Fisk may return in the upcoming Echo series with Cox in the lead role.

This is proven by the comics in which a very similar event takes place. In Daredevil # 15 (written by David Mack and drawn by David Ross in 1998), Maya meets Fisk face to face after realizing his involvement in the murder of her father. Just like on the show, she points a gun at his face at close range and we “hear” a shot:

Echo and Kingpin in Daredevil # 15 (1998).  (Image credit: Marvel)

Echo and Kingpin in Daredevil # 15 (1998). (Image credit: Marvel)

The problem ends, however, with a reveal that doesn’t reach the show – instead of killing Fisk, Echo blinded him instead. In the comics, this resulted in Kingpin temporarily losing control of his criminal empire and nearly being murdered – although he eventually regained his eyesight (because … comics).

Fisk went blind in Daredevil # 15 (1998).  (Image credit: Marvel)

Fisk went blind in Daredevil # 15 (1998). (Image credit: Marvel)

While the show doesn’t offer any clues in any way, it’s a little unlikely that Fisk would appear inside the MCU for a single episode before being unceremoniously dispatched – especially now that we know Charlie Cox will be returning as Daredevil. It is more likely that the authors will offer a similar fake-out, although the solution remains unknown for the time being.

Whatever the outcome, Fisk’s return is just part of a stellar MCU series that bought back Clint Barton along the way. Our episode 6 review says it “closes the most enduring Marvel television show with a suitably fantastic finale”.

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