The Halo Infinite Christmas event is basically a gaming advent calendar

The Halo Infinite Winter Contingency event has officially launched, with holiday-related rewards that players can unpack every day.

The “Halo In-Game Advent Calendar” hits the market at just the right time, as the days are literally numbered in any traditional Christmas calendar. Halos’ virtual alternative is set to give these final days an exciting boost, with daily rewards from December 21st through December 30th, pro Halo waypoint.

Photo credit: 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios

Photo credit: 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios

There are a total of 10 unique holiday-themed rewards to collect, which can be unlocked by entering Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer and completing an Arena or Big Team Battle match. Daily goodies include festive “Peppermint Laughter” coatings for armor and weapons, as well as new shoulder boards, emblems, and more.

The rewards will unlock over time, which means they won’t all be available on day one. According to this Reddit post, the first game each day will award a tier in the Winter Contingency Pass, so players will need to sign up to play at least one game per day for 10 of the 14 days that the event runs in order to secure the items and complete the pass .

Players will then have until the morning of January 4, 2022 to catch up on any items they may have missed in the December indoor brawls. Fortunately for you, we have a full campaign walkthrough, places to collect, an interactive map and multiplayer guide to help you navigate the battlefield whether or not you are wearing peppermint-colored gear.

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