The Google Pixel 6a massively drops in price: the top really cheap smartphones

The Pixel 4a was already one of the most popular Google Pixel smartphones and was perhaps even the most successful model in the series. Nevertheless, the Pixel 5a never arrived in Germany – and therefore fans of an inexpensive Google smartphone had to wait almost two years until the successor was finally available – the Google Pixel 6a.

In the test, the Pixel 6a achieves very good performance and, above all, excellent graphics performance. Because even in the cheap mid-range smartphone is Google’s own high-end “Tensor” processor. The smartphone not only has plenty of power for daily tasks, but the battery life is also in a very good range. Only the charging time of around 2 hours obscures the battery power.

The very good display convinces on a practical 6.1 inch with strong measured values. However, the outdated 60 Hertz refresh rate is disappointing. The competition in this price range offers significantly more.

Photo quality is really good, despite the lightweight camera setup. Because with the Pixel 6a, Google once again shows how important software is for smartphone photos. In the lab test, the Pixel 6a convinces with very good photos and is on the same level as the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro.

Additionally, Google promises at least three years of OS updates, i.e. from Android 12 to Android 15, and at least 5 years of security updates.

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