The Genshin Impact subreddit was Reddit’s most viewed community in 2021

Reddits Summary 2021 is out, and based on the data report, it looks like Redditors really loved Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy 14, League of Legends, and the Grand Theft Auto RPG in 2021.

The most watched community of the year was r / genshin_impact, followed by r / leagueoflegends and then the general gaming hub r / gaming. Fourth place went to r / rpclipsgta, a subreddit dedicated to “everything GTA” [role-play] related, “followed by r / ffxiv, which probably flourished thanks to the anticipation and final release of the Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker expansion in December.

As for the GTA RPG, Reddit’s roundup notes that r / NoPixel – a subreddit dedicated to a specific GTA RP server – saw a 267% increase in views year over year. Other subreddits that saw massive spikes in 2021 were r / pokemonunite (with subscribers up a whopping 8,600% year-over-year thanks to the launch of Unite in July), r / deltarune (subscribers rose 328,000% thanks to a new chapter release in September), and r / biomutant (subscriber growth of 9,500% compared to the previous year).

As for the top entries, the most recommended gaming entry of the year was titled “Young players“And includes a webcomic that gives the experience of being a woman playing online games with everyone commenting on it in voice communication. Other top posts contain the news that EA no longer has exclusive rights to develop Star Wars games, Predictions for the 2021 World Cup, a clip of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows off her League of Legends game, and a Meme about switching from World of Warcraft to Final Fantasy 14.

Genshin Impact Version 2.0

Unfortunately, there isn’t a great way to compare these stats to previous years as Reddit didn’t create a game-specific summary for 2020. We have a couple of 2020 numbers suggesting that Animal Crossing was really, really popular (who knew!) and that other popular games on Reddit that year were League of Legends (again), Minecraft, Fortnite, and Destiny. In fact, the League of Legends subreddit seems to be a pretty popular spot every year as it entered the top 5 communities of Fortnite, Destiny, Minecraft, and World of Warcraft Classic in 2019.

Genshin Impact, meanwhile, seems to have thrived thanks to a simply absurd amount of updates over the past year, including tons of new characters, challenges, quests, and a whole new region in Inazuma. We nominated it for the best running game of 2021, and when we reviewed it back in 2020 we found it to be an “amazing open world adventure that draws heavily on its inspirations from Breath of the Wild and anime to create something really special “.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.

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