Craig, the unfortunate brute who fans turned into a meme after his inferior portrayal in a Halo Infinite trailer last year, was first spotted as an in-game Easter egg.

The first Craig Easter Egg sighting in Halo Infinite was made by YouTuber Mint Blitz when he came across a shrine to the character during the content creator’s Early Access playthrough of the game’s single player campaign.

You can check out the Easter Egg and how to get there in our video below:

As noted by Mint Blitz, the developer has left a number of clues about the Brute who can be found on top of the tower at the start of the game’s fourth mission. While Craig shot the body on his first outing during the gameplay reveal trailer last year, it seems 343 realized that a career change was badly needed for the quiet guy.

If you navigate to the top of the building at the start of the game’s fourth campaign mission, you’ll find a series of clues about the NPC suggesting that he acted in his days of fighting to become a rock star. The Craig Shrine itself includes a Greatest Hits vinyl cover, as well as a tour poster detailing when Craig is hosting a Zeta Halo tour. The songs on the album include a number of classic Craig charts such as “The Day You Become a Meme,” “Popped in the Chin By My Friend,” and “My Mom Used to Love Me.”

The original Craig meme in all its glory.  (Image credit: Xbox)

The original Craig meme in all its glory. (Image credit: Xbox)

Last month, the Halo Infinite developers announced that they had a “love-hate relationship” with Craig and his eventual transition into meme form. While the meme itself only came about due to the ridiculousness encountered with content from the game, the character actually gave the developer more time to refine the game and bring it to a higher standard.

“While it was fun to see the community feel drawn to Craig, unfortunately he represented some content and systems that weren’t ready for prime time in this demo,” said Character and Combat Director Steve Dyck in a Halo Insider Review in October.

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“The positive outcome from Craig was that he was one of the factors in buying more time to finish work and bringing Brutes to a place where the team is happy with them. It’s one of the many positive examples of 343 working with the Halo community and aligning with expectations. “

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