The Elden Ring character creator leaked and fans love how deep he is

Footage of the character creator of Elden Ring has been leaked, and fans are pleasantly surprised that it’s a much more detailed system than the one in Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Elden Ring – Leaked character creator

Leaked by YouTuber IT’S SO, Character Creator allows you to create much more natural looking human characters than FromSoftware’s previous games. Part of this comes from the graphic fidelity of Elden Ring; While the characters are probably not quite comparable to the remake of PS5 Demon’s Souls, they are far more comparable and of significantly higher quality than those in Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne. A comparison between the recent FromSoft character creation results was posted on Twitter by fan SkeleMann:

In addition, a number of slider options allow extensive control over the appearance of your Elden Ring character. In the closed network test that leaked this footage, the labels for any of the options are missing. However, we can clearly see from the results that there are options to change the spacing in all aspects of the face and the ability to reform areas like the nose, cheeks, chin and brows. While Elden Ring’s improved graphics essentially allow for much more natural-looking characters, you can also create an absolutely disgusting beast out of a person if you so desire.

So far, the response from fans has been very positive as as many are interested in creating a realistic character as they are interested in doing something that could be shown in Monster Factory.

“I see that the soulbound tradition of enabling horrific mutant monstrosities is still alive,” said the user WerSalamander on Resetera. “The hair looks absolutely stunning here,” added Zurich.

“Huge upgrade from DSIII. Honestly not expected. Oh, and you can still create hideous characters! Everyone will be happy this time, lol,” said the user Melted dreams. “Kind. I’m glad I can still do abominations ruin Improve every single cutscene, “said Mr Cibb.

Elden Ring and Souls veteran Hidetaka Miyazaki recently revealed that the graphical quality of the Demon’s Souls remake is putting additional pressure on the Elden Ring team to make the game look amazing. And while the multiplatform nature of Elden Ring means it will likely never look as graphically modern as Demon’s Souls for PS5, this is definitely a step up for FromSoftware, and the character creation suite goes in that direction.

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