The CW’s Batwoman revealed a new pic of Nicole Kang as Poison Ivy ahead of the show’s midseason finale on Nov. 24.

The picture shows Mary Hamilton’s transformation into Gotham City super villain Poison Ivy as she prepares to use her newfound powers to stand up, stand out, and express her deeply buried opinions and desires, regardless of who or what you are with Way stands. in Batwoman’s midseason finale, “Pick Your Poison,” which will air on The CW on November 24th.

Photo credit: Justina Mintz / The CW

Photo credit: Justina Mintz / The CW

Ryan’s family dynamics get even more complicated in the upcoming episode, directed by Holly Dale from a script by Kelly Ota and Emily Alonso. She will find herself in the middle of a bat-team conflict between Luke and Mary as Alice finds a new buddy in her stepsister who transforms into the super villain who makes everyone else green with envy.

“I’m so excited to bring you poison ivy. She is here … finally! That’s a phrase I never thought I’d say. Wow, ”Kang said in a statement. “In our story, I’m proudest that Poison Ivy is an Asian villain whose danger does not come from her strangeness or mystique. Instead, we discover their personal motivations alongside those of the OG Poison Ivys and see them in an organic and powerful way.

“I feel so humble to be a Korean girl behind THE Uma Thurman to play the next live action Poison Ivy (what ?!). Hopefully the future will leave room for others like me and beyond to portray a character from hell. For everything I made you feel, scream and become, Poison Ivy – thank you. “

“The fun part of making any villain’s powers transferable is that we can do our own spin on the character – through the lens of what Mary would create: something sublime, playful, fashionable and sexy.” Caroline Dries added. “It was so exciting to work with Nicole as we picked the hair color, eye color and of course the clothes ourselves. Complete.”

Costume designer Maya Mani, makeup supervisor Cory Roberts, and hair supervisor Ashley Young helped bring Kang’s Mary Hamilton alter ego to life on the show, which you’ll see in all its green glory when the episode hits November 24th will also be available for free on the CW app and website the day after the broadcast.

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