The Christmas classic is remade as a gory shock horror

As the recently released trailer shows, a green-haired monster in a Santa outfit (David Howard Thornton) brutally killed Cindy You-Know-Who’s (Krystle Martin) mother in “The Mean One” on a Christmas . After that, the hairy creature disappeared without a trace. And Cindy has been plagued with nightmares about that night ever since. 20 years later, she returns to the peaceful town of Whoville for Christmas – and with her the bloodthirsty monster. As she continues her brutal killing spree, Cindy makes a decision: she wants to hunt down the creature.

Steven LaMorte’s The Mean One is definitely not for everyone. Not only because the parody is a horror movie and therefore bloody and brutal, but also because the adaptation is extremely trashy and bizarre. Starting with the cheap costumes and the weapons Cindy uses against the Grinch: a baseball bat surrounded by a string of lights and a shotgun shaped like a candy cane. So “The Mean One” should be a treat for fans of trashy, weird horror shockers. For everyone else, though, the movie might even ruin Christmas.

The film will be released in US theaters on December 9. The status of a release in Germany is currently unknown. Experience has shown that “The Mean One” will probably be released directly on DVD or Blu-Ray in this country.

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