The children of The Mothers Of London On Da Track call out Summer Walker

Can’t we all get along ?! Just when it looked like the ongoing drama between Summer Walker and Eboni Ivorii, mother of London On Da Track’s daughter Paris, was over, round 50-11 kicked off today! This came after Summer London called her daughter Bubbles about his parenting skills. Eboni decided to take the opportunity to join the conversation and remind Summer that it doesn’t feel good when the shoe is on the other foot.

In a series of posts, Eboni Summer said to live her life and stop talking after her while laughing at the ‘Still Over It’ singer because this is the path she has chosen. Hours later, Eboni wasn’t done mocking Summer and shared an alleged DM between the two women in which it looked like the two were about to meet to throw hands. On the message, Summer wrote, “Lol yo, if you want to throw hands we can. I still haven’t called you by your name, so if there’s a problem we can just address it face-to-face,” wrote she. Summer went on telling Eboni to let London see his child and that he didn’t need her on his face for it.

Erica wasn’t the only one who had words for Summer. Erica Racine, the mother of the son of London On Da Track, also jumped into the conversation with an indirect message to the singer. “You better not come to me when I say karma sucks and you will know who I’m talking about. You better not come to me.” I was “crazy” for years, but now that she is, I want people to feel sorry for her, ”wrote Erica. The mother also pointed out the harmful comments Summer had made about her in the past, accusing her of using drugs and claiming she did not want her son.

Erica and Ebonii made one final comment on the situation; However, the attention Summer awaited received no response from the award-winning singer. Roommate, we’ll keep you up to date if something else comes up between the women.

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