The cheapest rate on the Telekom network: 8 GB and more at a wacky price

You should definitely pay attention to this when it comes to mobile phone tariffs

Do you need a new mobile phone contract and want to use the best network in Germany? Then we have the best rates currently to choose from here.


In cooperation with our partner CommunicationAds, we always present the best mobile telecom tariffs of the moment in the price range up to 10 euros (monthly subscription). If you are not committed to the network operator Telekom, you will find the tariff offers in the O2 network here and the best tariffs in the Vodafone network here. If you need more data volume, you can also browse our large price comparison. Use the buttons below to get there directly.

All mobile phone tariffs in comparison

Here’s how to use CHIP’s mobile phone rate comparison

  • In the default settings, the rate search is not limited to a specific provider. Even more all the prices are displayed there. For example, if you prefer an O2 tariff, you can filter the results accordingly. To do this, you just need to check the box of the preferred network provider in the lower part of the filter mask. You can choose between Telekom, Vodafone and O2.
  • Important: Of course, this not only shows you the tariffs directly from the provider, but also all resellers who offer (cheap) tariffs in the desired network.
  • The CHIP mobile phone rate calculator always sorts the results in ascending order according to the effective monthly price. So the first shot is the cheapest for you, after really considering all the costs.
  • If the higher rate is still too expensive for you, you need to change the settings. Maybe a bundle with less broadband volume is sufficient, or O2 saves a few bucks compared to Vodafone? Just experiment a bit with the settings in the menu.
  • Tip: If you are a student, use the “Show youth rates” option. This is located directly above the large Compare Rates button. Get special discounts and save money every month.

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