‘The Big Bang Theory’ star unhappy with ending: Kaley Cuoco wanted a different ending

As a reminder, season 9 gets married in secret, season 10 sees the marriage renewed in front of friends and family, and near the end of the series, Penny becomes pregnant. It all sounds wonderful. Cuoco said, “I actually wish the writers hadn’t gotten Penny pregnant because I loved that message so much that Penny doesn’t want kids. It was cute what the writers ended up with. to do with Penny’s surprise pregnancy, and overall I’m happy, but I actually voted for her not to get pregnant.”

Executive producer Steve Holland takes a similar view, saying he just didn’t have time at the end: “We discussed if there were other ways to do it, like if she had worsening pregnancy anxiety turned out to be fake and she would be disappointed We talked about how we could bring her to this moment which didn’t feel as abrupt I wish Penny could have gone further before to make it to the finale. Like the last few episodes, we just didn’t make it.”

Fans will laugh at it. The series is still a long-running hit on German television. On the other hand, if you want to stream the episodes, you can do so on Amazon Prime, among other places. You can purchase a subscription here.

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