The best smartphone games: we’re currently playing them on Android and iOS

The Gameboy made mobile gaming socially acceptable in the 1990s, and now we all carry small consoles with us: smartphones. In particular, high-end devices from Apple, Samsung and Co. now have very competent (graphics) chips that bring even smartphone games with open worlds to the touchscreen without stuttering. Since angry Birds and Subway surfers a lot of things happened. We tell you our current favorites for Android and iOS.

When you think of smartphone games, the first thing that comes to mind is graffiti surfing, angry slingshot birds, and AR pocket monsters. But the range of the App Store and the Google Play Store is now much more complete.

Even graphically impressive open-world titles like Fortnite Where Genshin Impact already work smoothly on iPhone and Co. – the days of pure 2D graphics are long gone. We’ve taken the editorial round to see which games are currently played most often on mobile phones.

Fabian: Snap Marvel

An absolute surprise hit and a current favorite on my iPhone. In Snap Marvel two opponents compete in each round and try to win two of the three locations in the Marvel universe. They achieve this by dispatching all manner of heroes and villains as cards and scoring points in the process. The different effects of each card, tailored to the abilities of the respective characters, are exciting.

With the stunning 3D animations and very fair monetization with no ad breaks or pay-to-win collects Snap Marvel easily one of my top favorite modern smartphone games. If you lower the settings, you should be able to struggle on older or weaker devices.

Simone: King’s Choice

To the role-playing application King’s Choice will certainly have seen some in advertisements. It’s not as sexist and one-sided as the game is usually advertised there. In the game, you assume the role of ruler of a kingdom and have all kinds of things to do every day: collect resources, meet lovers, go on patrol, train knights, raise successors and much more. At the start of the game you choose a server – for all newcomers: Feel free to come to 501 ?

As you complete tasks, your title will increase and you will have more privileges. If you make in-app purchases, you’ll level up a bit faster here, but a VIP pass or purchases aren’t absolutely necessary to level up quickly. The following applies: if you play a lot, you also achieve a lot.

Because we are always stronger as a team, we can also join an alliance. Within the alliance, there are still daily quests that you must do. Mini-games take place regularly within the game for one or more days. Based on your personal placement and alliance placement, you will then receive the corresponding prizes. However, you can only play some of the minigames if you join an alliance or a team.

It is therefore worth making friends in the game. It works via chat: in addition to private DMs, you can also chat with other players within the alliance, within the kingdom (this is i.e. your server) and also in the whole game on all servers. I can only recommend everyone to check it out. However, I warn of the acute danger of addiction and the high fun factor.

Thorsten: Foyer

With Foyer Blizzard not only pulled off a surprise hit in smartphone games, but also gave the old genre of online collectible card games a real makeover. The digital card game quickly became the king of its category and can still be found on many smartphones even after more than 8 years thanks to constant updates and card packs.

In rounds, two players attempt to reduce each other’s life points to zero. The means to an end are the heroes, monsters and figures of the very lush World of Warcraft universe represented by maps. Each card comes with attack and defense values ​​as well as special effects tailored to the card’s character.

Everything is accompanied by emblematic Wow– Humor, whimsical animations – and fair monetization. Tacticians and patient can still have fun in duels without buying a deck of cards. Individual campaigns for new decks and characters are also lovingly crafted and sometimes bring a surprising amount of solo play time to the screen. With adjusted graphics settings, it works on almost all smartphones and therefore remains my favorite among smartphone games.

Karst: Smartphone Games Icon Monument Valley 2 monument valley 2

Admittedly, I’m not a real mobile gamer, I prefer to play on console or PC. Most of the smartphone games I play start to lose their appeal in a very short time and I put them aside out of annoyance. But there are two games that I play from time to time when I’m on the train.

One is the second part of Monument Valley. An enchanting puzzle with beautiful graphics that aims to reflect the mother-daughter relationship. Some of the puzzles are reminiscent of images from an MC Escher. The optics and the music quickly make me forget the time. It’s not free, but it’s given from time to time. A Plus version is included with the Apple Arcade subscription service.

Karst: Smartphone Games Talisman Icon talisman

On the other hand, I enjoy investing time in the digital implementation of the fantasy adventure board game talisman. In my opinion, the whole thing is very well done and authentically implemented. It’s just fun to roam the land with your hero, continue to develop your skills and assert yourself against the AI ​​or in local multiplayer.

In total, between one and six players compete and choose their favorites from a range of 14 characters such as magicians, thieves or warriors. We roll the dice, draw new cards and improve our character until the most dangerous areas of the board finally appear accessible.

Fabian: The Simpsons Springfield

Simpson's Springfield
In Springfield we build our own city and send its inhabitants on partially animated tasks – including stories. (Source: CHIP Level Up)

As my second favorite Simpsons game and at the same time the most played smartphone title, Simpsons Springfield (also called Tapped Out) has been with me for many years. Not only countless hours, but also one or two euros have flowed into the free city simulation.

But how could I have otherwise? Tons of characters, buildings, and settings from the series, plus regular events and stories written by the original writers. The payment system is fair, there is no advertising. A must-have for all fans of the yellow family.


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