The Best Menstrual Underwear: A Sustainable Alternative to Tampons and Pads

When used correctly, period underwear makes us feel dry and clean even with heavy menstrual bleeding. The reason for this is the multi-layered insert used in this underwear. The first layer is responsible for ensuring that the blood is absorbed quickly and there is no feeling of dampness. The second to fourth layer has an absorbent and antibacterial effect. Biocides are responsible for this, which not only prevent unpleasant odors, but also the growth of bacteria.

Depending on the model, the amount absorbed can correspond to approximately one to three tampons. The absorbency of menstrual underwear is usually indicated on the packaging.

This is how period underwear is cared for

Since menstrual underwear is mostly black, there is no need to worry about unsightly stains during use. And after use, cleaning is a bit tedious, but not complicated. First, the underwear is rinsed cold in the sink. After this pre-cleaning, it goes into the washing machine, where it is washed as usual between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius.

To ensure that the insert remains absorbent and does not get damaged, only two things are taboo: Fabric softener should not be used for laundry. And it is also better not to touch menstrual underwear with an iron.

Most manufacturers state that their underwear can be used for up to two years. If you calculate how many tampons or pads will be used during this time, you will in many cases decide in favor of this durable and inexpensive alternative in the long run.

Some manufacturers recommend using tampons only on days when bleeding is heaviest. Alternatively, menstrual underwear can also be changed no later than after six hours.

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