The best leaf blowers: How the job can even be fun

Why sweep the leaves with a rake or broom every weekend when it’s much easier with a leaf blower. However, there are big differences here. Probably the most important: There are models with a battery and others with a cable. Corded leaf blowers are generally much more powerful and do their job more efficiently. Battery leaf blowers, on the other hand, are as flexible as possible, but less powerful. Also, some devices don’t last particularly long, requiring breaks, especially with large pitches. The cordless models also do not have a leaf suction function due to the lower performance already mentioned.

The Swedish consumer magazine Råd&Rön therefore regularly tests leaf blowers to find the best of the best. Here we show you the main recommendations of the publishers in a clearly summarized form – as well as the most important advantages and disadvantages of the respective model. If you want more information on individual products or general advice and information on leaf blowers, we recommend that you take a look at our comprehensive buying guide.

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