The best housekeeping and finance apps for 2023

The 1Money and Mobills Android apps come with an elegant design and interesting functions, which go beyond a simple household book. With 1Money you can see all expenses at a glance and see the different categories. There’s also a special budget feature that lets you split your paycheck into savings and expenses in different categories like groceries, cars, or purchases. At the beginning of the month you can already see what you can expect and what you will save.
With a customizable and clearly structured dashboard, it is very easy to keep an overview in Mobills. You can see at a glance how much money you have left for the month. With the travel mode, you can enter expenses separately as part of a vacation. Individual goals like a new car or vacation trip that you can afford each month also make it easier to set aside money. iPhone users can also download Mobills.

Mobills also has a web view which you can also use in the free version. The premium version of this app is a bit more expensive and can only be purchased through a subscription model. You can also get 1Money in the Pro version without a subscription. You pay 14.99 euros for this.

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