The best free photo scanner: Google app scans your photos

Analog photos and photo albums are still popular reminders of old times. The downside: With the increasing digitization of everyday life, more and more photos that we really love are gathering dust in the shoebox and are seen far too rarely. Scanning with flatbed scanners or at least photo scanners designed specifically for them is expensive or time consuming – even an option only for true collectibles. With the photo scanner app, Google offers a smartphone app that saves you precisely these annoying intermediate steps. Google hasn’t been chasing a new idea with this for a long time – in practice, however, the app works much better than we’ve become accustomed to from the competition.

This is ensured by numerous automations and editing functions. Interfering reflections, for example, are automatically removed from the digital image. Additionally, the app comes with perspective corrections on your smartphone and automatically crops images to the best size and resolution. In general, the quality of the “scans” is extremely high. This is made possible because the Google Photo Scanner works with multiple scanning processes and can always select the best image sections. Of course, you can then edit all the photos in Google Photos – the photos are available in the cloud like any photo taken with a smartphone.

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