The best extensions for Google Chrome: how to make your browser even better

Some extensions help you focus on Chrome and stay productive. For example, “Workona Tab Manager” tames the flood of open tabs, sets up workspaces to organize projects, and helps keep track of what’s important. CrXMouse Chrome Gestures increases usability and productivity with custom mouse navigation shortcuts.

There are also useful expansions for gamers. “RoPro” improves the experience of Roblox players by adding dozens of unique features to the game. With “eJOY”, movies and videos can be viewed with two subtitles in different languages. This can be useful when learning new languages.

There are also learning extensions for Chrome. “Equatio” makes math digital and helps teachers and students create math formulas quickly and easily. For any student writing an article, “MyBib: Free Citation Generator” will automatically generate bibliographies and citations as the user browses the web.

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