The best ergometers: home trainers in comparison

Our partner “AllesBeste” took a close look at 18 exercise bikes. The test winner has been chosen Skandica Morpheus for around 500 euros – not a bargain, but the exercise bike also has very good properties. The ergometer is easy to set up, yet stable and of high quality. Both beginners and professionals can train effectively on the 32-speed device. The adjustment range is good, so even the smallest people can easily play sports on the Skandika model. In terms of technology and functions, the Skandika Morpheus is also convincing, including a heart rate monitor that sends training data in real time to the display of the bike.

Our price advice is significantly cheaper: Das Tunturi CardioFit E30 are already available for around 230 euros. It is simply designed, simple in construction and the quality proves to be impeccable in the test. The downside, however, is that the device is only suitable for people of short/medium height. If you are over 1.80 meters tall, you must use another exercise bike.

In the following table we show you the best models. If you want to know more about the different devices, you should also take a look at our detailed purchase advice.

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