The best Bluetooth headphones: the main recommendations of the test laboratory

If you’re looking for the right headphones for your smartphone, you’ll usually choose a wireless model with active noise cancellation. The only question is: on-ear or in-ear? There are good reasons for or against the model with branches and the small caps.

If you want the best sound quality from a pair of Bluetooth headphones, or to put it another way: sound is more important than anything else, then you should definitely go with an on-ear model. Small in-ear headphones can also sound great, but they fall short of the spaciousness and lightness of good over-ear headphones. Additionally, an on-ear battery lasts 30 hours or more. The in-ear headphones should be put back into the charging case after about four to six hours.

On-ear headphones, on the other hand, cannot be used so flexibly due to their size – and they are also more difficult to store in a backpack or bag. When used for hours on end, for example in the home office, the earbuds can also start to press down uncomfortably. The same goes for the parenthesis. In-ear headphones, on the other hand, are trump cards here: not only are they easy to put in any trouser pocket, but they are also so light that, with some models, you can almost forget you even have plugs in the ears.

Which design you ultimately decide on is a matter of taste on the one hand, and also of intended use on the other. Further information on the devices tested as well as general advice can be found in our detailed purchase advice.

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