The best beers in Germany: the test winners according to ÖKO-TEST

However, testers found traces of the weedkiller glyphosate, suspected of causing cancer, in twelve beers from well-known brands. The values ​​are well below the maximum allowed in the European Union for malting barley. For reasons of preventive consumer protection, ÖKO-TEST nevertheless applies deductions. After all, all the organic pils beers tested are free of the controversial herbicide.

In terms of original wort content and head retention, no Pils fail. Test drinkers also have little to complain about. In ten beers, however, the experts taste atypical notes for pilsners.

They attested at the bottom of the field, an organic pilsner, “a taste of contamination with buttery notes”. The reason: the laboratory detected contamination by pediococcus. Although lactic acid bacteria are not harmful to humans, they cause a significant reduction in quality, according to ÖKO-TEST. This is assigned here Pinkus Pils (Bioland) from the Brauerei Pinkus Müller brewery and was rated “unsatisfactory” (rating 6).

Even a pilsner from a discounter is not convincing and fails with the “mediocre” rating (rating 5): Das Kaiserkrone Pils Norma cannot convince the testers in terms of taste.

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