The best baby carriers at ÖKO-TEST: many winners, only a few losers

Frequent carrying soothes babies and satisfies their basic need for security and closeness. With a baby carrier, the baby can be carried comfortably at home and on the go – and you also have both hands free. But which baby carrier proves to be an effective aid in practice? This has been verified by ÖKO-TEST experts.

In issue 12/2022, ÖKO-TEST examined a total of ten baby carriers. These are six full-loop racks and four half-loop racks. The difference: With full buckle racks, the hip and shoulder straps are closed with buckles. With half-buckle carriers, on the other hand, only the waist belt has a buckle. The upper part is individually tied – like a scarf – around the shoulders and belly.

An important test criterion was how the baby carriers can be worn in practice. For this purpose, all models have been evaluated by experts from a specialized practice laboratory and by two trained and experienced carrying consultants. Particular attention has been paid to the position of the legs, the sitting position and the anatomically correct position of the baby in the carrier. In addition, all test models have also been tested for harmful substances such as carcinogenic dye components or optical brighteners.

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