The Batman: Matt Reeves reveals that Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is inspired by Kurt Cobain

In addition to revealing two new images, The Batman director Matt Reeves said Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne was inspired by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.

The Batman is part of Empire Magazine issue “Huge Preview 2022”, and it includes two brand new images of Robert Pattinson with and without the iconic batsuit. The images are accompanied by a few words from Reeves, who related how this connection to the late Nirvana singer and guitarist came about.

“When I write, I listen to music, and when I was writing the first act, I was putting on Nirvana’s Something In The Way,” Reeves said. “It occurred to me that instead of making Bruce Wayne the Playboy version that we saw before, there is another version that went through great tragedy and became a recluse. So I started making that connection with Gus Van Sant’s Last Days and the idea that this fictional version of Kurt Cobain is in such a decaying mansion. “

Reeves also talked about how he knew Pattinson was the right person for the job after seeing his performance on the Safdie Brothers’ Good Time.

“In this movie you could really feel your vulnerability and despair, but you could also feel your power,” Reeves said of Pattinson. “I thought it was a great mix. He’s got that Kurt Cobain thing too, where he looks like a stone. “Star, but you also have the feeling he could be a recluse.”

Another Batman comes along with another Bruce Wayne, and this film will feature our favorite Dark Knight with “less of the flashy gadgets that Lucius Fox has in the Nolan trilogy and a more self-made, self-constructed edge”.

“Bruce was hiding,” says Pattinson. “He’s not a celebrity at all. He builds all these little devices and things, just with Alfred. And even Alfred thinks he’s gone crazy! “

This change will also be seen in his batsuit, which looks a lot worse than we usually see in Batman films.

“He’s been outside every night for two years, he’s beaten up and shot and stabbed and burned, and you can see that,” explains Pattinson. “

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