Test winner of the blood pressure monitors offered: Boso Medicus X significantly reduced

With a blood pressure monitor, you can always keep an eye on your vital signs. In particular, people struggling with high or low blood pressure should measure it regularly. For values ​​to be reliable, blood pressure monitors must be accurate. This is why measurement accuracy played a central role in the Stiftung Warentest test. Wrist measuring devices and devices that measure on the upper arm were tested.

This Boso Medicus X, a blood pressure monitor for the upper arm, convinced the testers the most. The monitor received an overall “good” rating (2.3 rating) in the test. Compared to professional devices in the medical practice, the accuracy is satisfactory. According to experts, however, the accuracy is acceptable for self-measurement. The grip is very good. However, it is important to note that the cuff must be put on correctly, otherwise problems may arise. 30 measurement results can be stored in the data memory – this turns out to be a bit meager.

If you prefer a wrist blood pressure monitor: This Omron RS7 Intelli IT was chosen as the test winner with a rating of 2.4 in the category.

Note: The Stiftung Warentest test was published for the September 2020 issue. We last checked product availability in June 2022.

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