Test winner at Stiftung Warentest: cheap shampoo on top

Liquid shampoo

Among the liquid shampoos, Lidl’s Cien Day by Day Fruit/Vitamin Shampoo Power & Volume Normal Hair took first place. The shampoo can convince in all categories and is free from critical fragrances. It adds volume to the hair in the practical test, makes it soft and easy to grip and gives it shine. In addition, the hair can then be easily combed. The only criticism: the laboratory found polyquaternium in Lidl shampoo, a substance that is not very biodegradable. According to the manufacturer, the shampoo also contains three preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and formic acid. According to the manufacturer, however, the recipe has since been changed. In the rating, the shampoo was rated “good” overall (rating 1.9). The test winner costs about 1 euro in the store. at Amazon is Lidl shampoo also available, but currently sold out.

Solid shampoo

When it comes to solid shampoos, Alverde solid shampoo with mandarin-basil fragrance for normal hair from dm ranks first. When it comes to caring properties, it is not as good as the best liquid shampoo. The hair cannot be detangled optimally after washing and the shampoo promotes individual “flying” hair. The hair is always supple and shiny. In addition, the natural cosmetic product ranks “very well” in terms of packaging. And the solid shampoo is free of preservatives and those that are poorly biodegradable. Overall, dm shampoo cuts “good” (rating 2.1). The 60 gram piece costs in store around 4 euros.

hair soap

Among hair soaps, Finigrana rosemary hair soap wins. They are also certified natural cosmetics, without preservatives or harmful substances. Although the hair is easy to comb after washing and there is little flyaway, it is less compelling in the other care property subcategories. In terms of ease of disentangling, suppleness, hold/shine and volume, the hair soap only scores “satisfactory”. Dosing the right amount is also a little more complicated with Finigrana Hair Soap than with the other two winners. Overall, the best hair soap in the test always gets a “good” rating (rating 2.4). You get Finigrana Rosemary Hair Soap from around 6 euros (to Idealo).

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