Test Legimi free for 30 days: Over 180,000 audiobooks

Would you rather enjoy a pleasant autumn day outside? You don’t have to do without the pleasure of reading when you’re on the go. Because you can easily read Legimi e-books on your smartphone or tablet. You can also download the audiobooks and listen to them on a long bus or train ride. So the waiting times fly away!

And the best of all are Synchrobooks: if you need to quickly switch from an e-book to an audio book, it’s now very easy with the Legimi app. Beware of Synchrobooks! These allow you to pause an eBook, switch to audio with one click, and pick up where you left off. A sprint to the bus quickly becomes a real listening experience. Did you find a seat? Great, then you can easily switch back to the e-book and continue reading.

After the 30 days of free trial, the service is extended with a subscription at EUR 5.99/6.99 per month. Cancellation is possible at any time.

We hope you enjoy reading!

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