Tessica Brown isn’t ready to forget about her Gorilla Glue viral incident just yet! From Friday, your followers can relive the moment at the push of a button. And no, we don’t mean their viral videos about their once rock-hard hair. Inspired by the incident, Tessica recorded and released a song called “Ma Hair”.

“I went from silky to firm,” she raps during a verse. “I tried to wash it with anything I could think of but nothing progressed, I sobbed.”

Thessica shared a preview of the track via TMZ on Thursday. In the 30-second video, she combined story-telling verses with loops of her famous line. The line reads “Ma hair, it doesn’t move.”

According to her manager, Gina Rodriguez, Tessica pressed her own pen for the song. The track is the first time Tessica has rapped. She reportedly tried to win Nicki Minaj over to the song and gave Tessica her salute for the song “Fractions”. However, she received no answer.

She reportedly recorded “Ma Hair” in Hollywood in October. Independent producer and sound engineer Phil Valley spruced up the track for the public by putting it together. TMZ says Tessica recorded the song to “get her voice back for her own purposes.”

As previously reported, Tessica has issued a cease and desist letter calling for the song “Bad Idea” to be removed. The song, created by Cocoa Brown, incorporated Tessica’s famous line by using audio from her viral videos. Shortly afterwards, TikTok, Instagram Reels, Apple Music and Spotify removed the song ‘Bad Idea’ from their platforms. The letter targeted Cocoa for using Tessica’s voice without permission and not sharing a profit.

Now Tessica has the opportunity to collect coins from her own ordeal. However, this won’t be the first company to be inspired by the Gorilla Glue fiasco. Tessica was selling incident goods soon after she had surgery to free her hair. In June she launched her own hair care line called “Forever Hair”. At the time, she told TMZ that the products were designed for people with hair damage and loss.

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