Tefal Optigrill: the Elite model now available at a reasonable price

The Tefal Optigrill Elite GC750D is ideal for any barbecue party indoors, but also outdoors if there is a socket nearby. But is the device really as “elite” as its name promises? We tested this.

The electric grill has an LCD display on which you can switch between recipes. The timer, visible on the screen, counts down the individual gas states with an arrow and indicates when the next state is reached. The LC screen serves its purpose, but sometimes stutters when switching.

There are many options for grilling: “Potatoes”, “Peppers”, “Eggplant” and “Tomatoes”, which also work well. The Optigrill Elite GC750D makes chicken breast fillet juicy and tender inside. The larger the meat, the more preservative the grill will be to ensure it is cooked through. If you crave a medium steak, the Optigrill Elite GC750D will not disappoint. Other satisfying options include bacon, ground beef (burger), panini, and seafood.

The only downside is the cable is way too short. The grill must be installed almost directly on the outlet for the length to be sufficient. The cooking area of ​​approximately 31 x 22 centimeters fits perfectly. Compared to previous models, the Optigrill Elite GC750D is also very expensive.

Our conclusion at the time of the test:

The Tefal GC750D Optigrill Elite is an excellent contact grill with excellent automatic programs and good series development. Thanks to a timer, new programs and an option to sear, Tefal has improved the strong points of the grill – the only shortcomings of the test were the very short cable and the small grill surface. The biggest problem is the price: compared to older models, the Optigrill Elite is way too expensive.

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