Technological chaos at Christmas: With these tools you can help your family and friends

The tips and tools above focus on common computer problems. But chances are you also have to troubleshoot cell phone, tablet, TV, or smart home issues. Just go through this checklist for solutions:

1. updates: Updates used to be a PC thing, now they’re needed just about anywhere technology is involved. So check if there are any updates and import them.

2. Restart: Don’t dwell on the details, a reboot is often the quick fix. If it’s also durable, so much the better.

3. Small reset: Please note that this does not mean a complete reset of the devices. The “little reset” begins more precisely with problems. Having trouble connecting to a service? Then exit the website, restart the browser and try again. Is wifi working? Then just turn WiFi off for a while or switch to airplane mode and then turn it back on.

4. kill list: You can shoot them down in a targeted way, especially when it comes to blocked programs and apps. On Windows, use Task Manager ([STRG]+[UMSCHALT]+[ESC]) for help terminating crashed programs. On mobile, swipe up to go to the open apps overview, then swipe up on the affected app, then restart it.

5. A step back : Instead of looking for the cause of a problem, it can sometimes be useful to simply take a step back. If problems arise after installing programs or after starting new hardware, use existing backups or system restore points to get the latest working version. Based on this, try the configuration again.

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