It looks like Tamar Braxton is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a home invasion. She shared the news on social media early Wednesday, saying that a person she knows was responsible for breaking into her home. However, she says they didn’t take anything but their safe.

She posted a statement on his Instagram account and called, “A couple of hours ago this broken bum-a ** man (someone I know) broke into my house and just stole my safe. No Birkin, no computer, none of Logan’s game systems, he just rummaged through my drawers, broke mirrors, turned my bed upside down and took my safe. “

Now some may think that the incident made Tamar extremely angry, especially since she says she knows who is responsible. However, Tamar said she was not angry.

“I want you to know firsthand that I’m not angry. You didn’t break me You did not hurt me. What you broke, I am not aware that God gave me this home and EVERY single thing in it during the pandemic and also during the time I was all of those things. God personally laid the pieces of my life together again again, ”she said.

Tamar continued, “Well, pumpkin, you didn’t steal me. He will give these things back to me a million times over! You took from God !!! “

Labeled her full statement, Tamar said, “Things are different when you are a king child.”

Corresponding TMZ, Law enforcement agencies confirmed that Tamar’s Calabasas home was broken into while she was out, and the break-in took place around 7 or 8 p.m. Tuesday and her safe was taken away.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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