Porsha Williams is preparing to publish her book, The Pursuit of Porsha: How I Grow Into My Power and Purpose, and in the book she talks about various life experiences she has had, including one relating to R. Kelly. Porsha spoke with personsabout their encounter and why she wanted to speak to investigators about the situation. A moment that she thought would be a great opportunity for her music career.

Porsha said she met a friend of R. Kelly’s in 2007 when she was still pursuing a music career. At the time, she had flown to Chicago to meet with him and she thought she was going to meet him in a studio, but instead she was taken to his home. At his house she was left in his room for hours and when he walked into the room she said he had told her to undress.

She recounted the moment in her book and said, “I’ve already put myself in this position. This is what you are supposed to do. You need to. There’s no going back. “Porsha said she had seen R. Kelly two more times after that first meeting and said that she had come into contact with several young women who were in his home. However, she decided not to him anymore to see after she woke up one morning and heard him beating another woman.

Porsha told People, “I realized it was my opportunity to help everyone who was hurt by it. There had been so many other times I was molested by men that my mentality [at that time] was from an abused person and that it was okay for me to be treated like that. “

Porsha said she kept this secret a secret from her own family members as well.

She said, “It’s not something you want to say to your mother because my mother is a very strong woman and she did her best to raise me. And I think for any woman or man who has been in an abusive situation, you don’t want to tell your parents because you don’t want them to think that they have let you down in any way. I don’t want her to think she did anything wrong. And so I took it upon myself. “

As before R. Kelly was reportedly found guilty by a federal jury in his human trafficking trial back in September.
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