Roommates, new information about the driver of an SUV who drove through a barricade and during a Christmas parade in W. left five dead and 48 injuredisconsin was identified yesterday. According to the Waukesha Police, Darrell Brooks Jr. has been identified as a suspect. He faces five cases of first degree willful homicide and other criminal offenses. Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson spoke about the tragedy at a recent press conference and shared new findings.

“We are confident he acted alone,” said Police Chief Thompson. “There is no evidence that it was a terrorist incident.” Corresponding CNNChief Thompson said there was no known motive for Darrell’s actions. However, it appears that he has a criminal history. The 39-year-old Milwaukee resident was reportedly embroiled in domestic unrest the previous Sunday. He left this scene before going to the parade.

At the time of the parade, police attempted to attack Darrell as he approached the parade in his SUV but were unable to stop him from driving through the barricades. Chief Thompson added further details: “As the suspect drove through the crowd, an officer fired his gun and fired at the suspect to stop the threat, but had to stop, stop and fire due to the crowd – no more additional ones Fire shots. ”

As of now, CNN has not listed the names of the victims, but reports that The five deceased victims are between 52 and 81 years old and include four women and one man. Darrell was not injured in the incident. Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.

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