Surprising result: Cheap dog food wins Stiftung Warentest

Only croquettes suitable for seniors received the mention “good” (Rurina, Beneful Happy Years 7+ with chicken, 3.70 euros for 3 kilos). Six times there was only “good enough” and one failed completely. The reasons cited by the testers: too few amino acids and other nutrients such as potassium, rare proteins, poorly recommended amounts of food, dubious health claims.

The food test winners for dogs in the prime of life are: K-Classic croquettes with lamb and rice from Kaufland (8 euros per 10 kilos), Romeo premium complete food for poultry from Aldi Süd (2.99 euros for 2 kilos), Real Nature Country Selection Alpine Adult by Fressnapf (25 euros for 10 kilos), Lucky Dog vital food with fresh poultry from Penny (2.99 euros for 3 kilos) and Ja strong chunks with 25% fresh poultry from Rewe (2.99 for 3 kilos).

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