Support disabled for Samsung Galaxys: these smartphones will soon no longer receive updates

Owners of an old Samsung smartphone usually have a problem after three years – either they go without important security patches, or they start looking for a new cell phone that still regularly comes with updates.

When it comes to security updates, Samsung distinguishes between three categories of devices:

  • The new mid-range models as well as the flagship devices of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series like the Galaxy S22, Note 20 or Galaxy Z Fold3 receive a security update every month.
  • Older devicesincluding the Galaxy S10 (Plus) or M12 models and the Note 10 series, updates are always installed every three months.
  • Devices approaching end of support after three years (e.g. Galaxy A9 and Galaxy M30) receive updates even less frequently. Categories are also regularly updated by Samsung – this also means cell phones are in the latest category sooner or later completely abandon update support.

About four years after the appearance of the smartphone, the former flagship series Galaxy S9 recently removed from support. The March update was the last version received by the devices.

As a service, Samsung provides users with a document listing supported smartphones. Below we have summarized the Samsung smartphones that are still supported.

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Alternatively, customers can also use Samsung’s “Trade-In” offer: if you have an old model and want to buy a new one, you can trade in the old one. The purchase value of the old device is then deducted directly from the purchase price when paying in the Samsung online store. You can find more information at this address.

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