Summer Walker and Eboni, the mother of the eldest daughter of London On Da Track, Paris, recently had a back and forth on social media which resulted in their Instagram accounts being disabled.

Summer posted a message on her backup account saying, “All truths have finally been revealed. Now people can just face their mistakes and stop driving me crazy. “

Eboni took the time to answer Summer and said, “Yeah, and you owe me a bloody excuse.”

When Summer got wind of Eboni’s job, she said, “Eboni, you’ve been doing this for almost three years. Please go on. You scare me because this is clearly an obsession. You know I am a mental health advocate, so you may want some help with your pent-up anger. Please stop mentioning me and my child. I feel very uncomfortable now. And I saw the death threat, I just ignored it. “

She went on to ask her followers to report Eboni’s side.

Eboni clapped Summer one more time, denying all of Summer’s allegations from her previous testimony, adding, “At this point you sat up here and sang at least one entire song about me and my life, and it was the first track on your Lil Stinky album … “

The song she is referring to is “Bitter”, the opener of Summers’ new album “Still Over It”.

It wasn’t long before Eboni’s account was deactivated, and Summer had a celebratory moment before her backup account was also deactivated. However, Summer’s artist’s official Instagram account is still up and running.

Summer hikers last caught up with the mothers of London’s other children in August and called them on Instagram Live.

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