Stiftung Warentest: Cheap dog food gets test results

Dog food should provide four-legged friends with optimal nutrients and be free of harmful additives. Anyone who wants to do something good for their four-legged friend therefore likes to use well-known brands and expensive products. But expensive doesn’t automatically mean better.

This is also shown in the current issue of Stiftung Warentest (5/2022). Experts reviewed 22 types of wet food for adult dogs and six types of wet food for puppies.

The good news: when it comes to products for adult dogs, more than half are convincing. Ten of the wet food brands tested were rated “very good” or “good.” Among the test winners are mainly inexpensive own brands from supermarkets and discounters.

The bad news: there are a lot more reviews when it comes to puppy food. Only two out of six can convince in the test with the mark “good”. Two other products fail the test. One of the reasons for this is the manufacturer’s information on the packaging. According to experts, inappropriate rations are recommended there. Additionally, puppy food is deficient in certain nutrients important for development and growth.

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